Inspectors Serving Lawrence KS

Mechanical Inspectors (Home Inspections)


Ask your mechanical inspector about adding RADON and other inspections.

All City Inspection — Dan Yantzie (785) 764-3377
Bauer Inspection Services — Steve Bauer (888) 594-7420
Clouse Inspection Services — Kenneth A. Clouse (785) 856-5510
Donald Fornelli, P.E. — (785) 843-3492
Essential Inspection, LLC — Ryan B. Grimm (785) 550-8104
Heartland Home Inspections(785) 842-9000
Herron Inspection ServicesDustin Herron (785) 550-1406
In Depth Inspection Services, LLC — Jason Evers (785) 766-2404
McKinney Home InspectionsJoe McKinney (785) 760-4600
National Property Inspections — Troy Chegwidden (785) 221-9033
Right Choice Inspections, LLC — Phil Burke (913) 360-0336
Stoffer Inspections — Dave Stoffer (785) 766-0600

Termite Inspectors & Pest Inspections


Advantage Termite & Pest Control(785) 843-2887 / (800) 624-9893
Bracciano Pest Control(785) 842-6455
Haley Pest Control(785) 843-0015
Herron Inspection Services —  Dustin Herron (785) 550-1406
In Depth Inspection Services, LLC —  Jason Evers (785) 766-2404
Laser One Pest Management —  Richard Njoroge (785) 760-2754
Laser Pest Management —  Dale Roubison (785) 749-5639
Midwest Exterminators(785) 842-2666

Chimney Inspection and Repair


Chimney Solutions(913) 440-0226 / (816) 256-2887
Soots Me(785) 842-5348 / (785) 594-6792

Electrical Safety Inspectors


Electrical safety inspections are in depth and detailed inspections that review every aspect of the homes electrical system.

Lynn Electric, Inc. (785) 843-5966

Energy Audits and HERS Ratings


An energy rating allows a home buyer to easily quantify the energy performance of the home being considered.

Cromwell Environmental(785) 749-6020
Essential Inspection, LLC — Ryan B. Grimm (785) 550-8104

Environmental Inspectors (Mold & Asbestos Inspections)


Environmental Inspectors can test for Lead Paint, Mold, Asbestos, etc.

Air & Mold Assessment(785) 331-6690
Cromwell Environmental(785) 749-6020
Essential Inspection, LLC —  Ryan B. Grimm (785) 550-8104
McKinney Home Inspections(785) 760-4600
Nosey Dogs Mold Detection, LLC(866) 659-6653

Asbestos Detection & Removal:
Kingston Environmental Services(816) 524-8811

Radon Testing


Radon has been identified as a national health problem. Lawrence and Douglas County as well as most of Northeast Kansas have been identified as zones to have high levels of Radon. 

I recommend that you test for radon. Ask one of the above Mechanical Inspectors to bring a 48 hour radon test to your inspection or call:

Advanced Radon Services Jim Holiday (913) 489-1427
Bauer Inspection ServicesSteve Bauer (888) 594-7420
Clouse Inspection Services — Kenneth A. Clouse (785) 856-5510
Essential Inspection, LLC  — Ryan B. Grimm (785) 550-8104
Herron Inspection Services — Dustin Herron (785) 550-1406
In Depth Inspection Services, LLC — Jason Evers (785) 766-2404
Midwest Radon(913) 780-2000
River City Radon Testing — Lisa Bullerman (785) 218-3195

For more information on RADON visit these websites:

EPA’s Map of Radon Zones in Kansas or National Radon Map

EPA’s Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon


Septic | Well Water Inspections


Septic and/or Well Water Inspections are encouraged for rural properties.

Higgins Septic Tank Service(785) 841-6622
Honey-Bee Septic Service(785) 841-0399
Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department(785) 843-3060
Patchen Pump and Well(785) 843-4522
Goins Backhoe & Septic Service(785) 842-5499

Sewer Line Inspectors


Sewer Line or “Sewer Cam” Inspections are encouraged for older homes or if the home has slow drains.

A-1 (785) 841-9200
Action Plumbing — (785) 843-5670
Floyd’s Drain Cleaning — (785) 841-1455
Kastl Plumbing — (785) 842-2112

Structural Engineers/Foundation Inspectors


Donald Fornelli, P.E.(785) 843-3492
Ed Thornton, P.E.(785) 331-9684
Norton & Schmidt (816) 421-4232
Professional Engineering Inspections(785) 290-0550

Surveys & Boundary Determination


Talk to your lender about surveys. They may order a “Mortgage Title Survey”. Ask them for a copy as soon as it is available. A staked survey is more accurate. If you want a staked survey, buyer must order and pay for it.

BG Consultants, Inc.(785) 749-4474
ILC of Lawrence(785) 842-8447
Landplan(785) 843-7530
Peridian Group(785) 838-3338

This is a list of inspectors that may be available in this area. This list in not guaranteed to be comprehensive or up to date. A telephone directory is your option for additional sources. Final choice of inspectors rests solely with the buyer and buyers are free to select any inspector buyers want regardless of whether the name appears on the following list. Realty Executives – Hedges Real Estate Inc. and its agents do not warrant the work or service provided by any inspector or service in any way. Realty Executives – Hedges Real Estate Inc. and its agents do not guarantee or warrant that the inspector or service the buyer chooses will meet the requirements or demands that may be made by lenders, appraisers or any party to the transaction.

I recommend full inspections on all properties including new construction. Any property could have issues that may only be discovered by expert inspectors. Please consider this list carefully.